23 Juli 2011

Mushrooms: Substitute Vegetarian Animal Protein

Do not underestimate the fungus. Mushrooms are not only tasty, food that one is also one kind of snack that should be one of your healthymenu.

Who would have thought, plants that grow in humid

areas containprotein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-biotic andanti-oxidants. Seeing the benefits of mushrooms, this snack really the kind of food that can make you addicted.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B2 and B3. Vitamin B is essential inconverting carbohydrates into fuel (glucose) that produce the body's energy. Vitamin B also helps metabolize fats and proteins.
Mushrooms also contain non-cholesterol fat. Fiber and certainenzymes contained in the mushroom helps lower the level ofrecommendation kolesterol.Jamur be an ideal low-calorie diet for diabetics. Mushrooms contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, naturalinsulin that diabetics eat

In addition, mushrooms contain 'Ergothioneine', a powerful anti-oxidants which counteract the attack of free radicals and boost immunity. Fungi are a food source rich in both vitamin D than cod.Mushrooms are also rich in calcium is good for bone, iron, potassiumis good for lowering blood pressure and selenium.

Selenium is essential for producing enzymes that are important inmenertalkan toxins from the environment. The best sources ofselenium are generally of animal protein. Thus, the fungus may be the best choice for vegetarians to obtain selenium.

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