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23 Desember 2011

Twitter for Blackberry Updated to Include Multiple Twitter Accounts

The official Twitter client for BlackBerry has made its way through beta and is now available to the general public. This highly anticipated release features multi-account support and the ability to share tweets with BBM contacts and groups.

After a long stint in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, the official multi-account twitter client is finally here. Along with multi-account support, the latest version of Twitter for BlackBerry also plays well with the Social Feeds app for BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 7 devices.

Now that RIM’s flagship Twitter client has become full featured, will you continue to use your 3rd party Twitter client?

26 November 2011

7 Habits That Can Damage Hair

Because you want to look perfect, people do not hesitate to usechemical products for the hair. In fact, some treatments and stylingthe wrong way gradually it will give poor results.

1. Too often the hair tie
Menguncir hair is a practical way to make hair neat. But are you aware, you could make the hair and scalp tension and stress? If so, one of the problems that often occur are headaches and hair loss.

Should not be too tight tying of hair so the hair can still breathe. In addition, try to always change the point of hair ties in order to avoidconstant pressure at the same point.

Do menguncir hair a rest day for hair and scalp are not too tense. If possible, vary your hair so as not to make the hair brittle as it continues to be bound. Occasionally let your hair down and use abrace to help straighten hair.

2. Torture hair with a hair dryer
Drying the hair there are rules. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryerin a very wet when just finished shampooing. This will make the hairmore brittle and easily broken. Preferably, first dry the hair with a towel until damp, not dripping wet. Use a hair dryer at medium temperature, not too hot.

For the sake of healthy hair it could not hurt to invest to buy good quality hair dryer where the temperature can be adjusted. Somealso provide a hair dryer features a cold wind to dry your hair. Thiscould be an alternative choice when variations of dry hair to keep hair healthy. We recommend a maximum drying time with a hot hairdryer is not more than 20 minutes.

3. Change the texture of hair
Curly or straight hair can be just as good as all laid out right. No need to force yourself to change the texture of the hair with varioustreatments that can be damaging. Know your hair type and textureas well. The hair is thin and easily broken should not be burdenedwith a lot of chemical treatments that can make getting damaged.

Using the tools every day pencatok also potentially make the hairbrittle and fall out. The hair is fragile and sensitive, the process of the damaged hair can take a long time. If you still decide to change the texture of the hair, make sure you always use a regular hair care.

Hair should rest a while before starting to straighten or curl hair.

4. Too frequent washing of hair
Because it feels greasy, many people have the habit of washing your hair every heart. Wash your hair with shampoo every day can remove the natural oils that actually required. Washing your hair too often it triggers the scalp to continue to produce oil to replace oil lostbecause of the shampoo.

Naturally produced oil from the scalp should reach the end of hair to make hair look healthy. If possible, wash just 2-3 days to let thenatural oils in your hair to perform its functions. Rinse with cleanwater without shampoo if needed freshness to the scalp every day.

5. Using the wrong comb
Using the wrong comb can also damage the hair. Improper comb the hair can be difficult when combed and cause hair breakage. The longer the hair, choose a larger comb for easy hair after finish time.

6. Forget the hair care
Additionally, if your hair is colored, dandruff, or a loss, you should immediately look for the proper care. Let your hair with the conditionthe longer it will make the problem more difficult to treat hair. Use ashampoo or hair care product that suits your problem. If the problempersists, consult your hair stylist or dermatologist to find the solutionof the problem.

7. Many chemicals
To maintain healthy hair, often try to let your hair in its natural state.Do not be too often overload your hair with a variety of styling products like gel, wax, or hairspray. Frequent use of these productswill make your hair dandruff is sticky and easily if not properly cleaned.

23 Oktober 2011

Important for the Vegetarian! Must Eat Enough Protein Menu

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle. Many have argued that being avegetarian for health sake. How should a vegetarian diet?

Being a vegetarian needs proper planning, so what could bebeneficial to health. The vegetarian diet has to be set appropriately in order to meet the needs of the body all the nutrients, especiallyprotein content.

The intake of nutrients derived from plant-based food such as nuts,soy, among others, and can be processed into tofu or tempehtempe.Tahu and can be processed into cakes such as tempeh,tempeh steak or soup out.

General Practitioners RSUAM, Yeni Jayani Eka said, being a vegetarian there are the positives and negatives. On the one handthe benefits to be gained from a vegetarian diet, which preventsmany kinds of degenerative diseases.

Such as high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, gout, hypertension,diabetes, gout and cancer. A number of these diseases, usually triggered by diet, high in animal fat, protein, salt, sugar high, but low in fiber.

However, on the other hand lack of vegetarian diet, is the lack ofintake of animal products is also needed by the body. Among other things, lack of fatty acids, omega 3, vitamin B12, calcium and sometypes of minerals.

As for the negative effects, will affect a person's development and growth. Therefore, vegetarian diets are not recommended for children - children who are growing.

26 September 2011

Women Are More Addicted to Internet Than Men

What is internet addiction?

Internet addiction is very strong desire to be online, be away from activities like spendinog time with friends and family,playing outdoor games, sleeping and doing school work and homework. Internet addiction has been discussed as a “clinical disorder” since 1996, when Kimberly S. Young wrote a study on it for CyberPsychology and Behavior.

According to an informal survey. opinion pollster SodaHead surveyed 602 visitors to its site Feb. 16. about whether they experience Internet addiction, and found that many people are self-diagnosed addicts.

Some surprising results are:

  • 61% of people feel addicted to the Internet and are unable to get away from internet.
  • 64% of women compared with 55% of men reporting the symptoms of addiction.
  • 48% of smokers are addicted.
  • 65% of non-smokers are addicted.
  • 57% of drinkers are addicted.
  • 64% of non-drinkers are addicted.
  • 73% of teenagers between 13 and 17 are addicted.

30 Agustus 2011

Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, Resigns From RIM

Mike Kirkup, Director of Developer Relations, has resigned from RIM. According to his personal blog, he’ll be taking some time to step back and consider his next steps. It should be interesting to see where he goes next. We have seen a few senior employees at RIM leave to start their own businesses, and if Kirkup did the same it would be pretty awesome. More after the jump, including our nomination to replace Kirkup.

Here is Mike’s resignation letter on his personal blog:

After an incredible journey with RIM, I have resigned as Senior Director, Global Developer Relations today.

As the mobile space continues to change so quickly and this seems like a great time to step back and consider my next steps. If you wonder what I mean about the changing mobile landscape, just look at what has happened in the last two weeks – Motorola was acquired by Google, HP shut down webOS and Steve Jobs resigned as CEO from Apple.

Over my 10 year career I have worked with so many amazing individuals both inside RIM and in our broader developer community. This is a great company with leaders I respect and admire. It has been an honour to share in the success and growth of such an extraordinary company.

The opportunity to work in Developer Relations has been one that I will never forget. To be exposed to so many great ideas and the people behind them has been inspiring. To manage the variety of challenges each and every day has been something which helped me grow personally.

I will be sharing my thoughts on the industry on this blog and on Twitter (@mikekirkup) and look forward to hearing from you.

One of our favorite BlackBerry app companies, Smarter Apps, was started by former RIM employees and it’s not impossible Mike might start his own as well. Then again, he may be more into larger companies. Only time will tell.

With WebOS cancelled, perhaps RIM should hire Richard Kerris to replace Kirkup. His LinkedIn says he’s Vice President, Worldwide Developer Relations – webOS at HP, and used to be a Director of the Applications Division at Apple. A hire like Kerris would probably give investors more confidence.

23 Juli 2011

Mushrooms: Substitute Vegetarian Animal Protein

Do not underestimate the fungus. Mushrooms are not only tasty, food that one is also one kind of snack that should be one of your healthymenu.

Who would have thought, plants that grow in humid

areas containprotein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-biotic andanti-oxidants. Seeing the benefits of mushrooms, this snack really the kind of food that can make you addicted.

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B2 and B3. Vitamin B is essential inconverting carbohydrates into fuel (glucose) that produce the body's energy. Vitamin B also helps metabolize fats and proteins.
Mushrooms also contain non-cholesterol fat. Fiber and certainenzymes contained in the mushroom helps lower the level ofrecommendation kolesterol.Jamur be an ideal low-calorie diet for diabetics. Mushrooms contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, water, naturalinsulin that diabetics eat

In addition, mushrooms contain 'Ergothioneine', a powerful anti-oxidants which counteract the attack of free radicals and boost immunity. Fungi are a food source rich in both vitamin D than cod.Mushrooms are also rich in calcium is good for bone, iron, potassiumis good for lowering blood pressure and selenium.

Selenium is essential for producing enzymes that are important inmenertalkan toxins from the environment. The best sources ofselenium are generally of animal protein. Thus, the fungus may be the best choice for vegetarians to obtain selenium.