23 Oktober 2011

Important for the Vegetarian! Must Eat Enough Protein Menu

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle. Many have argued that being avegetarian for health sake. How should a vegetarian diet?

Being a vegetarian needs proper planning, so what could bebeneficial to health. The vegetarian diet has to be set appropriately in order to meet the needs of the body all the nutrients, especiallyprotein content.

The intake of nutrients derived from plant-based food such as nuts,soy, among others, and can be processed into tofu or tempehtempe.Tahu and can be processed into cakes such as tempeh,tempeh steak or soup out.

General Practitioners RSUAM, Yeni Jayani Eka said, being a vegetarian there are the positives and negatives. On the one handthe benefits to be gained from a vegetarian diet, which preventsmany kinds of degenerative diseases.

Such as high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, gout, hypertension,diabetes, gout and cancer. A number of these diseases, usually triggered by diet, high in animal fat, protein, salt, sugar high, but low in fiber.

However, on the other hand lack of vegetarian diet, is the lack ofintake of animal products is also needed by the body. Among other things, lack of fatty acids, omega 3, vitamin B12, calcium and sometypes of minerals.

As for the negative effects, will affect a person's development and growth. Therefore, vegetarian diets are not recommended for children - children who are growing.

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