26 September 2011

Women Are More Addicted to Internet Than Men

What is internet addiction?

Internet addiction is very strong desire to be online, be away from activities like spendinog time with friends and family,playing outdoor games, sleeping and doing school work and homework. Internet addiction has been discussed as a “clinical disorder” since 1996, when Kimberly S. Young wrote a study on it for CyberPsychology and Behavior.

According to an informal survey. opinion pollster SodaHead surveyed 602 visitors to its site Feb. 16. about whether they experience Internet addiction, and found that many people are self-diagnosed addicts.

Some surprising results are:

  • 61% of people feel addicted to the Internet and are unable to get away from internet.
  • 64% of women compared with 55% of men reporting the symptoms of addiction.
  • 48% of smokers are addicted.
  • 65% of non-smokers are addicted.
  • 57% of drinkers are addicted.
  • 64% of non-drinkers are addicted.
  • 73% of teenagers between 13 and 17 are addicted.

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