26 November 2011

7 Habits That Can Damage Hair

Because you want to look perfect, people do not hesitate to usechemical products for the hair. In fact, some treatments and stylingthe wrong way gradually it will give poor results.

1. Too often the hair tie
Menguncir hair is a practical way to make hair neat. But are you aware, you could make the hair and scalp tension and stress? If so, one of the problems that often occur are headaches and hair loss.

Should not be too tight tying of hair so the hair can still breathe. In addition, try to always change the point of hair ties in order to avoidconstant pressure at the same point.

Do menguncir hair a rest day for hair and scalp are not too tense. If possible, vary your hair so as not to make the hair brittle as it continues to be bound. Occasionally let your hair down and use abrace to help straighten hair.

2. Torture hair with a hair dryer
Drying the hair there are rules. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryerin a very wet when just finished shampooing. This will make the hairmore brittle and easily broken. Preferably, first dry the hair with a towel until damp, not dripping wet. Use a hair dryer at medium temperature, not too hot.

For the sake of healthy hair it could not hurt to invest to buy good quality hair dryer where the temperature can be adjusted. Somealso provide a hair dryer features a cold wind to dry your hair. Thiscould be an alternative choice when variations of dry hair to keep hair healthy. We recommend a maximum drying time with a hot hairdryer is not more than 20 minutes.

3. Change the texture of hair
Curly or straight hair can be just as good as all laid out right. No need to force yourself to change the texture of the hair with varioustreatments that can be damaging. Know your hair type and textureas well. The hair is thin and easily broken should not be burdenedwith a lot of chemical treatments that can make getting damaged.

Using the tools every day pencatok also potentially make the hairbrittle and fall out. The hair is fragile and sensitive, the process of the damaged hair can take a long time. If you still decide to change the texture of the hair, make sure you always use a regular hair care.

Hair should rest a while before starting to straighten or curl hair.

4. Too frequent washing of hair
Because it feels greasy, many people have the habit of washing your hair every heart. Wash your hair with shampoo every day can remove the natural oils that actually required. Washing your hair too often it triggers the scalp to continue to produce oil to replace oil lostbecause of the shampoo.

Naturally produced oil from the scalp should reach the end of hair to make hair look healthy. If possible, wash just 2-3 days to let thenatural oils in your hair to perform its functions. Rinse with cleanwater without shampoo if needed freshness to the scalp every day.

5. Using the wrong comb
Using the wrong comb can also damage the hair. Improper comb the hair can be difficult when combed and cause hair breakage. The longer the hair, choose a larger comb for easy hair after finish time.

6. Forget the hair care
Additionally, if your hair is colored, dandruff, or a loss, you should immediately look for the proper care. Let your hair with the conditionthe longer it will make the problem more difficult to treat hair. Use ashampoo or hair care product that suits your problem. If the problempersists, consult your hair stylist or dermatologist to find the solutionof the problem.

7. Many chemicals
To maintain healthy hair, often try to let your hair in its natural state.Do not be too often overload your hair with a variety of styling products like gel, wax, or hairspray. Frequent use of these productswill make your hair dandruff is sticky and easily if not properly cleaned.

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